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If anyone needs their stories or such edited or beta read I will do it for five bucks or a pizza.
And if you need proof that I know how to grammar I can link you to stories I've edited before.  
This is mostly gonna be for me, because I need a solid list of what I'm working on, but also for anyone who's interested. the following is a list of the cosplays I am working on, will soon be working on, and want to eventually start on.
They are in order of importance/when I will be making them. 
Newly added cosplays are bolded to be easy to find. 

In progress: 
fem riddler -batman
charles xavier -Xmen dofp 
wiccan -young avengers
Loki- Thor/avengers  ( Thor 2 ver.) 
Winter Soldier/Bucky.  -Captain America 2
Mr. Gold ( R
umplestiltskin)- Once Upon A Time
Bucky Barnes- Captain America Ver.
Keith- Left 4 dead
Jack Harkness- Doctor Who
Tinkerbell- Peter Pan
Peter Petrelli- Heroes ( future ver. ) 
Fem. Mello- Death note
Rainbow dash- My Little Pony FIM
Pitch Black- Rise of the Guardians
Tenth Doctor- Doctor Who
sebastian michaelis -black butler 
aqua -kingdom hearts bbs

Starting on soon:
Nick/ Nikki - left 4 dead w
mr gold/ rumplestiltskin blue suit version -once upon a time 
Tasha yarr- Star Trek tng
hiro hamada -big hero 6
Peter pan's shadow - once upon a time 
Balthier- Final Fantasy 12
Levi Rivaille - Attack on Titan
Fili- The Hobbit
Legolas- LOTR/The Hobbit
Anakin Skywalker- Star Wars
Green Goblin- The Amazing Spider-man 2
Ironfist- Ultimate Spider-man
Alec Lightwood- The Mortal Instruments series
Jack Frost- Rise of the Guardians
Cosmo- Fairly Odd Parents
Belle- Beauty and The Beast
Lara Croft- Tomb Raider ( movie ver?) ( not sure yet ) 
Sherlock Holmes- BBC Sherlock
Jim Kirk- Star Trek AOS

Eventual cosplays: 
Vincent Valentine- Final Fantasy 7/ Dirge of cerberus
Rosso the Crimson- Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus
Jareth- Labyrinth
Meiko- Vocaloid
The Moment- Doctor Who 50th
Marty McFly- Back to the Future
Haku- Spirited Away
Judai Yuki- Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Paine- Final Fantasy x-2
Lynne- Final Fantasy x-2
Gray- Fairy Tail
Envy- Fullmetal Alchemist
Galadriel- the Lord of the Rings
Luke Fon Fabre- Tales of the Abyss
Stitch- Lilo and Stitch
Riku- Kingdom Hearts 2
Hallloweentown Sora- Kingdom Hearts
Sai- Naruto 
link twilight princess version -legend of Zelda 
Sheik- Legend of Zelda
Alois Trancy- Black Butler
mai valentine/kujaku -yugioh
xerxes break -pandora hearts
Jack Vesalius -pandora hearts
vanitus -kingdom hearts bbs 
joker -black butler 

Want to remake: 
Mello- Death note
Raven- Teen Titans
Len Kagamine- Vocaloid

dean winchester
cana-fairy tail
sailor Neptune -sailor moon
casual Loki -thor
Tony stark -avengers
Harry Osborn - amazing Spider-Man 2

This will be updated whenever I Think of new ones to add, and probably eventually permanently posted in my about section. 

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Moments reprieve by gummibearmaster
Moments reprieve
Probably my favorite photo from the shoot. I just love everything about this. 

Sailor Neptune is me
Sailor Uranus is my lovely girlfriend Gloria
photo taken at Metrocon 2014
scenic view by gummibearmaster
scenic view
More from my group's Sailor Moon shoot at Metrocon 2014. 

Sailor Neptune is me 
Sailor Uranus is Gloria 
Photo by our awesome friend Meghan
Genius, Billionaire... by gummibearmaster
Genius, Billionaire...
Cosplay update photo! I finally got a wig to style the way I wanted it to for Tony, I had been using my real hair before but it isnt brown anymore, and I also bought crepe wool for my goatee and mustache. so heres the finished product and I'm pretty happy with it. 
Hello everyone~ 
I know I havent been updating very often as of late, and I apologise for that. However, there is a reason. I've recently made both an Instagram and a Facebook page for my cosplays. 
Now, does that mean I'm leaving Deviantart? 
Absolutely not! But what it does mean is that I'll be updating on here less often, though I'll try to be on more than I have been in the past month or so. 
If any of you would like to keep updated on my cosplays, progress, or convention schedule more often, you can follow me on: 
Twitter: ( Also not updated as frequently)

Thank you in advance to anyone who follows me!
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United States

Hey all, welcome to my page.
I am a cosplayer who loves to sew and I always have a few projects even if I don't finish some (read: most).
Aside from cosplays, I make clothes, Jewellry, other accessories, and hopefully plushies soon.
I don't draw very much or very well but when I do try I always grace my watchers with the presence of the lovely crap from my mind. For example Pikachu in a bikini. (No, seriously, you can go look in my gallery. It's there. )
I love making new friends and I'm always happy to chat if someone just needs to talk, so go for it.

Upcoming/eventual cosplay list (updated regularly):…




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